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Hello. Let me tell you a little about myself. My name is May Liu I take my design very seriously. I like restaurants where delicious desserts are served. I like chick flick movies. I am risk taker. I am a fashion lover. I dance for fun, swim for fitness, travel for adventure, and photography for memories. When it comes to my fashion and home, I like classic, elegant and soft pieces that are simple and distinctively feminine. I prefer solid over pattern and satin over linen. For my home, I like it to be modern black, white and gray; I enjoy a spark of bold color here and there. However, my closet is full of color with a timeless elegance. I like things formal and tight. Kill me if I bring home a doily or a floral pattern drapery. But I do like a little glam, a little silk and a lot of white.

Cherry Blossom Branch Tutorial

By: Amy, in DIY and Templates

A few weeks ago, we featured this table from Susana of citrusandorange.  We fell in love with the beautiful clay peony flowers that were created by Diane from DK Designs of Hawaii. Diane has shared her exquisite craft of creating clay florals on the Martha Stewart Show and today she is sharing her craft here with you.  Diane is going to give you all an exclusive tutorial on how to create her cherry blossoms.  Diane teaches classes on her clay florals and cherry blossoms are one of the easier clay florals to learn.  Not only are these are perfect for entertaining, but they will also last!

Photography by Chung Li Photography.


1.  Open up a set of wet paper towels.  Mix 1/3 of the package of white with a tiny amount of red clay.  Knead the clay by pulling apart and pushing back together until the color is mixed through.  Make balls 1/2 inch in diameter.

2.  Make teardrops out of the balls using the heal of your right hand while keeping your left hand stationary to roll the teardrop shape.

3. Cut the teardrop slight off center, almost half way down lengthwise.  On the fatter side, cut twice to make 3 petals and cut the other side in half.  You should have a total of 5 petals.

4.  With a skewer or round toothpick, roll each petal out on your index finger. Before you roll the petal out completely, notch the petal in the middle and roll out again to create the heart shape.  Do this for all five petals.

5. Using the fat end of the largest round detail stick, indent each petal by pusing the petal down into the soft foam, to cup each petal.  You can choose not to do this step if you want your petals to be flat.

6. Place the fat end of the smaller detail stick into the center of the petals to make a hold for the stamen peps.  Take about 4-5 double-ended peps, fold in half, cut off the bottom, add glue and insert into the hole.  Taper the bottom of the clay to a point.

7.  Apply glue to 24 or 30g wire and insert into the bottom of the flower and let dry on a piece of styrofoam for roughly 12 hours.

8. If you wish, you can paint your flowers, but it is not necessary.  Using brown floral tape, tape the buds and flowers onto the branches in various positions.

When you have achieved the desired branch look you want, simply fill your glass with your favorite candies and insert the branch.


Maxi Dress

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed the pictures!

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Dress | Silk Maxi Dress from Nordstrom Rack

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Mei Liu Pictures

Fashion + Decor: Modern Minimalist

I heart modern minimalist interior decorating. Here are some ideas:

What is Minimalism?

Minimalism is a way of thinking of and viewing the world and the space you live in. “Minimalism is a state of mind,” according to an article by Home-Decorating-Reviews.com titled “The Minimalist Choice.” This state of mind creates order where chaos and clutter exist. This movement began after World War II and continues today. However, today’s minimalism is more relaxed. There are certain characteristics of minimalist design: Everything in a room serves a function, floor plans are open and there is a feeling of order and tranquility.


In order to create a sense of openness and take advantage of natural light, modern minimalist design calls for exterior walls of windows or glass. This open living space is often divided into smaller areas by using bookcases or low cabinets in place of walls. Clusters of furniture can also be used to divide the open space into smaller areas. Fabric is another choice and might be hung from the ceiling to divide or define the open space. Thus, separate living areas are created without the use of walls.

Color and Texture

Walls are primarily neutral and are painted in white, cream, and gray. Bold primary-color accents may be found in artwork that adorns the walls. In order to create the feeling of comfort in a modern minimalist-designed home, the designer uses on sofas and chairs fabrics that have a soft texture, such as velour or microfiber. Plush or shaggy rugs also provide that same comfortable feeling to the space.


Natural light is optimized. Track lighting, art lamps and accent lights are used to augment natural light. Furniture Furniture design is streamlined and is generally done in neutral-colored fabrics or leather. Stainless steel and chrome are commonly used on fixtures and furniture. Lacquer is used on cabinets. The lines of the furniture are usually curved and rounded.

Here are some more photos for you to enjoy! Which one is your favorite? Minimalist Furniture For Modern Living Room

Minimalist Furniture For Modern Living Room  Day From Circulo Muebles

Minimalist Furniture For Modern Living Room  Day From Circulo Muebles Minimalist Furniture For Modern Living Room  Day From Circulo Muebles