Fashion + Decor: Modern Minimalist

I heart modern minimalist interior decorating. Here are some ideas:

What is Minimalism?

Minimalism is a way of thinking of and viewing the world and the space you live in. “Minimalism is a state of mind,” according to an article by titled “The Minimalist Choice.” This state of mind creates order where chaos and clutter exist. This movement began after World War II and continues today. However, today’s minimalism is more relaxed. There are certain characteristics of minimalist design: Everything in a room serves a function, floor plans are open and there is a feeling of order and tranquility.


In order to create a sense of openness and take advantage of natural light, modern minimalist design calls for exterior walls of windows or glass. This open living space is often divided into smaller areas by using bookcases or low cabinets in place of walls. Clusters of furniture can also be used to divide the open space into smaller areas. Fabric is another choice and might be hung from the ceiling to divide or define the open space. Thus, separate living areas are created without the use of walls.

Color and Texture

Walls are primarily neutral and are painted in white, cream, and gray. Bold primary-color accents may be found in artwork that adorns the walls. In order to create the feeling of comfort in a modern minimalist-designed home, the designer uses on sofas and chairs fabrics that have a soft texture, such as velour or microfiber. Plush or shaggy rugs also provide that same comfortable feeling to the space.


Natural light is optimized. Track lighting, art lamps and accent lights are used to augment natural light. Furniture Furniture design is streamlined and is generally done in neutral-colored fabrics or leather. Stainless steel and chrome are commonly used on fixtures and furniture. Lacquer is used on cabinets. The lines of the furniture are usually curved and rounded.

Here are some more photos for you to enjoy! Which one is your favorite? Minimalist Furniture For Modern Living Room

Minimalist Furniture For Modern Living Room  Day From Circulo Muebles

Minimalist Furniture For Modern Living Room  Day From Circulo Muebles Minimalist Furniture For Modern Living Room  Day From Circulo Muebles


Party Decor: Bridal Shower

As I’ve promised, here are some pictures of the bridal shower last weekend. Everything is handmade here.

1. Use color as your theme: Here, we picked yellow and white since it’s also the bride’s wedding color. You can buy inexpensive yellow and white carnations at and set your party tables with vases you already own. The party foods were also served on yellow and white serve ware, even the lemonade was in pink.

2. Be Green. Use paper for decorations. My sister and I picked two kinds of tissue papers to create the floral pom-poms, spirkling white and yellow.  Floral Pom-Poms Dahlia-like bursts of color hang from the ceiling, adding charm to any party. These tissue-paper pom-poms can be made in the size and color of your choice. Plus, you can easily make these decorations yourself: Tissue Paper Pom-Poms How-To.

3. Add fresh flowers:  We got the flowers from the flower market, it’s cheap and fresh. SAN FRANCISCO’S WHOLESALE FLOWER MARKET Flowers bring everything alive. Be creative with the arrangements, you can use any vase you find at home, even a beer mug.

4. For snacks, keep it simple. Serve a couple of different dips with potato and tortilla chips. If you are serving an afternoon tea party like us,  you can’t go wrong with party food such as mini sandwiches, cookie, baked hot dog roll or croissant.  Serve a cake, or perhaps cupcakes, with pink icing. Strawberry desserts are also a great choice.

Do you like the tag that I created? It makes everything so personal.

Cherry Blossom Color: Zara Pink Blazer

It’s the Cherry Blossom season. It’s cheerful. It fills with lovely color of the plants and flowers and the fresh smell of the green grass. Spring is my favorite season of the year because it brings hope and lives.

I decided to take a walk in the Japanese Garden in S.F. and captured those beautiful trees and flowers. I wanted to wear something bright, and this pink blazer from Zara is just perfect. The Zara spring collection is full of bright colors. If you are a color person like me, you should go and take a look there and I’m sure you’ll love it.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed the pictures!

:::::::: Outfit ::::::::
Jacket | Zara Pink Blazer
Top | Zara White Shirt
Bottom | JCrew
Bag | Prada
Shoes | Kate Spade
Accessories | Kate Spade

:::::::: Photo Credit ::::::::
Meisha Photography